21st Cyprus Contemporary Dance - Switzerland

Within the framework of the Festival, on June 30th , the Swiss performance " ZICK ZACK PUFF", by Dance Company Mafalda , will be presented at Rialto Theatre. Creatures with extremely diverse qualities meet in this dance piece. Through their joint experiences they slowly begin to realise that there is opportunity in diversity, if they join forces and complement each other.

Choreographer: Teresa Rotemberg
Performers: Diane Gemsch, Yamila Khodr, Fausto Izzi
Technical Manager: Laurent Castella
Music: Tanja Müller
Costumes: Tanja Liebermann
Lighting design: Heinze Baumann
Dramaturgy: Ralph Blase
Manager: Nicole Friedman

Duration: 50 minutes (no interval), Audience: 3+ years old

Rialto Theatre
Andrea Drousioti 19
Platia Iroon
Lemesos 3603, Cyprus
Phone: 7777 7745
Website: www.rialto.com.cy

Tickets: €5 / Festival Pass: €20

Saturday, June 30, 2018, 19:00

Limassol / Lemesos Municipality, Cyprus
Cultural / Dance