Carmen (Lefkosia)

The very famous and beautiful love story, which still excites and attracts for the creation of ballets, operas and films dedicated to Carmen.

Carmen is the story of passion and fatal love of the army officer Jose to gipsy girl Carmen.It is the story of a femme fatale, a diabolic, and seductive woman. Also, Carmen symbolizes a woman who passionately respond to the challenges of her time.

Music: Georges Bizet).
(Choreography by Liliya Sabitova, after Prosper Merimes.)

Running time: 75 m.

Rigainis and Arsinois corner
Pafos Gate, Old Lefkosia
1010 Lefkosia, Cyprus
Phone: +357 22 410 181

Tickets: 40 Euro, 35 Euro, 30 Euro, 25 Euro (pensioners), 15 Euro (for kids under 12)

Friday, December 21, 2018, 20:00

Nicosia / Lefkosia Municipality, Cyprus
Cultural / Dance