Clytemnestra or The Crime

Prominent Cypriot actress, Jenny Gaitanopoulou, returns to stage in the title role of Clytemnestra.

Clytemnestra is still alive. She is now old and lives alone with the ghosts of her past, her deceased daughter, Iphigenia, and her own young self, the day she committed the murder. She is requested to appear in court for her crime. She stands before the “judges” - the audience - and talks about the murder she committed and the reasons that urged her to do it: a 40-year-old murder that she has not been able to forget. In Agamemnon by Aeschylus, she is presented as a ruthless woman with the heart of a man, as a strong lioness. What has changed forty years later?

Directing/adaptation/set and costume design: Marios Mettis

Cast: Jenny Gaitanopoulou, Marios Mettis, Christina Constantinou

Rialto Theatre
Andrea Drousioti 19
Platia Iroon
Lemesos 3603, Cyprus
Phone: 7777 7745

Duration: 70'

Tickets: 13 Euro - 10 Euro

Tuesday, February 06, 2018, 20:30

Limassol / Lemesos Municipality, Cyprus
Cultural / Theatre