Edi Nulz - AglanJazz 2019 (Austria)

The Festival AglanJazz 2019 aims to showcase the best Cypriot musicians, alongside European and international artists, to promote awareness and appreciation for all forms of jazz. The Festival is committed to present a wide and varied line up. Bands will participate in the festival with authentic and original music.
Each show/concert should have a duration of 40-45 minutes.

Aglantzia Old Square,
Aglantzia, Lefkosia, Cyprus


Edi Nulz ia a band that shows again and again the wonderfully laid-back and artful way one can free oneself from all musical constraints and traditions.

The Band consists of three musicians who have opened the gates to a new musical understanding since the formation of their band in 2011. Originally coming from jazz, the three gentlemen have basically left that all behind them and found their own musical identity, drawing their influences from different directions.

Besides the strong instrumental skills and the highly complex songs of the musicians, it is above all the driving energy in the playing style, melodies, harmonies and riffs that sets the music of this trio apart from traditional jazz, and is rather reminiscent of the progressive rock era in the 70s. After releasing the critically acclaimed album “An der vulgären Kante” in 2016, Edi Nulz presented their latest album “El Perro Grande” in spring 2018.

Siegmar Brecher - bass clarinet
Julian Adam Pajzs - tenor and baritone guitar
Valentin Schuster - drums and pocket piano

Tuesday, July 02, 2019, 21:45

Nicosia / Aglantzia, Cyprus
Cultural / Music