Film screeining "Phoenix" - German Language Weeks (Larnaka)

In the framework of the German language weeks

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Germany // 98 min // 2014 // Director: Christian Petzold

Having escaped the concentration camp with a disfigured face, the Jewish woman Nelly now returns to Germany after the end of World War 2. Her ex-husband does not know that she has survived. Nelly is looking for him, although he once betrayed her to the Nazis-at least, this is what her friend Lene believes. Johnny does not recognize her-he only perceives a similarity to his former wife, which is something he wants to take advantage of: Nelly should pretend to be his wife, so that he can obtain the fortune of his, as he believes, deceased spouse. Phoenix tells the story of a homecoming that is no longer possible and an identity that is seemingly lost forever.

Language: German, Subtitles: English

Skala Theatre
5 Kyriakou Matsi Street
6015 Larnaka, Cyprus

Free Entrance

Monday, November 26, 2018, 20:30

Larnaca / Larnaka Municipality, Cyprus
Cultural / Cinema