International Festival KYPRIA 2018

The International Festival KYPRIA, is a leading cultural event in Cyprus, since each year includes a large number of different events from the field of music, dance, opera and theater from the international, Greek and Cypriot artistic fields.
The Festival hosts internationally famous and renowned artists and bands , big productions with increased financial, technical and organisational requirements.

The it's long-running course, the Festival featured productions that left their mark in the memory of the audience, in which they offered mental and spiritual pleasure and cultivation. The Festival's events are held every September in all the free cities of Cyprus.

Ten productions in a total of 35 performances are included in the program of this year's International Festival Cyprus 2018.

Venue: various venues

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From Saturday, September 01, 2018
To Tuesday, October 09, 2018

, Cyprus
01/09/2018 - 09/10/2018