Kition Planetarium and Observatory - February 2018

There is always something interesting for all ages at the Planetarium: events, the Observatory, guided tours at the geology and fossils exhibitions and much more.
In every evening with clear skies, the stars appear one after another. The wonders of the night sky inspire people and offer them enjoyment and relaxation.
From time to time a dream to know all names of the stars and planets and to locate them easily comes.
The KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY every month issues program for public, both Planetarium programs and observations (usually optical, the radiotelescope is opened for public by appointments). There is a natural history exposition with minerals, fossils and aliens (meteorites) that is opened by appointments.

February, our shortest month is a very special this year, as well as being packed with many interesting events at KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY, it brings with it the very rare “Black Moon” phenomenon.
International Darwin Day is commemorated this month, and we will mark this day with a special program containing the planetarium movie “Natural Selection” on the 7th of February.  Darwin is credited as the person, who was the first to speak about evolution, and who awakened research in this topic. His theory and subsequent developments help us understand how life on Earth changed with time as well as how the evolution of the whole Universe happened.
On the 14th of February we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY. Throughout our 10 years of existence, our organization has made important contributions to various scientific fields and has aided Cyprus to progress.  We have represented the Island on a worldwide stage, and have advanced the attractive image of our Island among both tourists and scientists. There will be a very special program on this evening dedicated to this milestone event.
During the Science café on 21st of February we will discuss the interesting and rare phenomenon, occurring this month, the “Black Moon”. We invite you to discover its mystery.

Cyprus is becoming more involved in the growing fields of space science and technology. Our family program “Dawn of Space Age” shows how the process of space exploration started. At the end of the month we will bring you an enjoying program about the time when on our planet, the Earth, was inhabited by some of the largest creatures ever known, the dinosaurs.

 All Planetarium programs are accompanied with telescope observations in the Observatory (weather permitting).

 We are happy to know that many of you own telescopes, and we have realized that some of you would like to gain more skills to conduct astronomical observations. To help you find interesting objects in the sky, our astronomy course for beginners “Read the Sky” begins in this month.  February is an excellent month for the course as many of the most impressive stars and constellations are comfortably visible in the evenings.  This year February is special as there will be no Full Moon during the whole month at all, giving you more time to learn the starry sky. Such a phenomenon happens once in 20 years and is named “Black Moon”. The course takes place every Friday at 7pm starting from February 2nd. Please register quickly, as there are only 4 places on the course left.

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From Thursday, February 01, 2018
To Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Larnaca / Kiti, Cyprus
01/02/2018 - 28/02/2018