Kostis Maraveyias in Concert (Lefkosia)

Kostis Maraveyias in Concert (Lefkosia)

Kostis Maraveyas at the biggest party of the year!

Kostis Maraveyas prepares yet another great concert at Skali Agatzias in Lefkosia on 29/06/2018.

He has proven to be one of those artists that loves to express himself through music and enjoys the concerts as well as the audience does.

Skali Aglantzias
Agiou Georgiou 15
Aglantzia, Lefkosia 2108, Cyprus
Phone: +257 22 462 233

Tickets: 20 Euro, 17 Euro (early bird)
Tickets are sold by ACS Courier and www.tickethour.com.cy

Friday, June 29, 2018, 20:30

Nicosia / Aglantzia, Cyprus
Cultural / Music

The content is taken from the Cyprus Tourism Organisation's website.