Maria Hassabi Exhibition

Point Centre for Contemporary Art presents Maria Hassabi’s first solo exhibition in Cyprus. A moving image, a photograph, a 5min duration performance script, a sound score, and for the opening night, STAGING: solo (2018), performed by Oisín Monaghan, with sound design by Stavros Gasparatos and outfit by Victoria Bartlett.

Friday, 21 September 2018
19:00 | Opening
20:00-22:00 | Performance: STAGING: solo (2018)
by Oisín Monaghan

Point Centre for Contemporary Art
2 Evagorou Avenue
Lefkosia 1097, Cyprus
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Phone: +357 22 662 053

For over a decade Maria Hassabi has developed a distinct practice centered on the relationship of the body to the image. Her performances and live installations unfold as progressions of austere choreographies, composed of stillness and decelerated movements in space. Oscillating between dance and sculpture, subject and object, live body and still image, they often test conventional rhythms of viewership in the process.

Hassabi’s installation at Point features a collage of materials derived from her recent performative works, STAGING (2017) and STAGING: Solo #2 (2017). These works attempt to be “staged”, precisely planned, organized, and arranged in advance, with their choreographic material meticulously crafted – the performers actions, even their gaze, is subject to counts and cues. Yet the physical side-effects of time and labor, gradually divulge into their own unrehearseable choreographies. Rather than the detailed gestures, postures, and timings, it is the kinesthetic intensities and energies that shape the material of the work, revealing a form that is continuously in progress and always “staging” and “re-staging” itself in an endlessly unfolding manner. For this exhibition, the live performers are removed. Images derived from them get manipulated digitally and are presented as objects, displayed on walls and on the floor – in an effort to see what remains once the element of liveness in process is extracted.

From Friday, September 21, 2018
To Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Nicosia / Lefkosia Municipality, Cyprus
21/09/2018 - 31/10/2018
Cultural / Art Exhibition