Mihalis Kalkanis Group - AglanJazz 2019 (Greece)

The Festival AglanJazz 2019 aims to showcase the best Cypriot musicians, alongside European and international artists, to promote awareness and appreciation for all forms of jazz. The Festival is committed to present a wide and varied line up. Bands will participate in the festival with authentic and original music.

Each show/concert should have a duration of 40-45 minutes

Aglantzia Old Square,
Aglantzia, Lefkosia, Cyprus


His music draws on real-life snapshots, which are then processed into artistic creations and carve out a path of their own. Field recordings fused with electronic sounds, traditional rhythms and melodic lines filtered through improvisational processes, notes and sounds from all over the world transmuted through a pure jazz idiom and much more have already been recorded in his past albums (“Scarborough Tales” of 2010, “A Parking Lot Performance” of 2012, “World Echoes in Athens” of 2015).

Mihalis Kalkanis hails from a musical family with a long tradition from Asia Minor and Northern Greece. Although rooted in the depths of this tradition his own music tends to manifest patent urban references, a fact that renders him one of the most interesting creative musicians of the new generation. His group formed the brand new music proposition of the 2018 Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival and, during the same year, he travelled extensively and presented his work in other festivals and live stages all over Greece.

On 3 July, his performance is sure to captivate us and create a magical atmosphere that will awaken our emotions.

Christos Kalkanis - clarinet
Mihalis Kalkanis - double bass Panagiotis Kostopoulos - drums Stavros Lantsias - piano
Andreas Polyzogopoulos - trumpet

Wednesday, July 03, 2019, 22:20

Nicosia / Aglantzia, Cyprus
Cultural / Music