NeoClassic Piano and Strings (composer Ilya Beshevli) - 5.3.2024

Ilya Beshevli is a well-known and highly regarded composer in the genres of minimalism, neo-romanticism, and neoclassical music. His compositions consist of a beautiful poetry of sounds that evokes deep emotions in the listeners. His melodies are often associated with the most enchanting and magical moments in life, such as the northern lights, the winter twilight, the starry sky, and the warmth of a campfire. His music speaks directly to the heart and has earned him a loyal following around the world.

Ilya Beshevli successfully performs in Europe and America, Russia and CIS. He has released six albums receiving high praise from critics, and his music is featured in movies, theatre, advertising, radio, and television.

We invite you to the concert of Ilya Beshevli to enjoy a magical evening and a piano program in two parts. The concert will feature the participation of the string quartet VivArt and will present a retrospective of the composer's best works, which have already become classics of contemporary music.
Venue: Rialto Theatre Lemesos

Start date/End date:  5 March 2024

Start time/End time:  19:30

Tickets: €60 / €30 

Information / Tickets:

Limassol / Limassol Municipality, Cyprus
Cultural / Music