Paintelling - Lida Varvarousi

Paintelling - Lida Varvarousi

Paintelling with Lida is an innovative event of audiovisual storytelling, inspired and designed by Lida Varvarousi, visual artist, writer and performer for children and adults. An interactive and entertaining narration, featuring live painting and storytelling. The members of the audience are encouraged to participate in Lida’s “paintelling” by suggesting their own ideas on the story’s continuation. The suggestions of the audience are automatically illustrated by Lida, who uses improvisation, physical theatre and singing to bring her fairy tales to life.

This innovative storytelling is an original way to tell ancient Greek myths, short stories from classic literature or empirical tailor-made stories invented and adapted by the author herself, deriving from various themes and fields: physics, history, music etc.

Rialto Theatre
19 Andrea Drousioti street
3040 Lemesos, Cyprus
Phone: +357 25 343 900


Duration:  50'

Tickets:  €5

Sunday, January 21, 2018, 11:00

Limassol / Lemesos Municipality, Cyprus
Sports / Other

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