"The Birth of goddess Aphrodite" - Opera

World Premier Opera “The birth of goddess Aphrodite”
Music. Polis Charalambous Libretto: Polis Charalambous

Act A
The play is based on Hesiod's Cosmogonia (Genesis) presenting the Creation of the World. Uranus, son and husband of Gaia, is afraid of losing his power, so he sends all his children in Tartara. The Mother Gaia is crying and pleads with Uranus to let her see and be with her children, but this is not possible. Gaia then, decides to visit Tartara so she can ask her children to help her to achieve her plan to castrate her husband so she can prevent him of having other children that will be thrown in Tartara.
Act B
In the second act Aphrodite appears on the stage and the three sisters “ORES” daughters of Zeus and Thetis are helping her to be adorned. Followed by an Aria, Zeus as Lord God welcomes Aphrodite in Olympus treating her as an equal goddess. The play, takes approximate 2 hours and 30’ minutes with a break. Finale is following ACT B. In the Finale the main soloists praise the generators and creators of the Cosmos.

Aphrodite's Temple
Kouklia, Pafos District, Cyprus

Tickets: 15 Euro

Friday, July 06, 2018, 20:00

Paphos / Kouklia (pafou), Cyprus
Cultural / Musical/opera