Regatta of Champions – The R.O.C. - 27.10-3.11.2024

After several years of reviewing Optimist sailing events worldwide, the changes in sailing and the rapid transition to a technological race that has somehow relegated sailors and coaches to secondary status, Famagusta Sailing Club and Chesva 2.0 collaborated and organized for two consecutive years the pioneer for the sport of Sailing, the Championship of Champions.

Regatta of Champions – The R.O.C., was the result of a four-year effort that finally reached the implementation phase in 2022. The two partners worked together and created a type of event that had never been done before, worldwide. An event that can be held anywhere in the world, in any country and in any category, using the sponsors and standards of the organizers. Scheduled again this year on 27/10 – 03/11 and using the same pattern, the top 45 Optimists from around the world will be invited to The R.O.C. Applying a difficulty formula, invitations will be sent to the top sailors of the IODA World Championships, as well as all IODA Continental Championships (European, North & South America, Asia and Oceania, and Africa). At least 20% of invitations will be for girls. If a Continental Championship is not completed before the R.O.C., invitations will be sent to eligible sailors from the same continent, the previous year.

All invitations will be sent through the National Federations and addressed to specific sailors. If the invited sailors are unable to participate in the event, then the invitation will be transferred to the next ranked sailor. In addition, there will be 10 Wild Cards for sailors to claim during 2024. One Wild Card will always go to the National Champion of the country or the top athlete of the Club hosting the event. The remaining 9 will be split into 2 sailing camps with the top 2 winners from each camp getting invitations, either through existing international races held around the world. Once the fleet is invited and formed, the 3rd Championship of Champions will once again take place in Limassol, Cyprus. The event will last a week with 4-5 competition days, and plenty of events.

Participating sailors and coaches will be chasing the Champions Cup, but mainly an academic scholarship prize money of €40,000 which will be awarded to the top 12 sailors in the form of scholarships for academic expenses and to the top 3 coaches in the form of prizes.

The participation fee will cover registration, accommodation, meals and boat charter and will cover actual costs. One or two boats will accommodate all coaches. However, optional boat hire will be available, per coach.

On the official website of the event, you can find all the details and rich photographic material of last year's event, which left an excellent impression on the participants, attendants, visitors and managed to win the interest of the global sailing world, for the innovative this idea and its excellent implementation, adding value to today's sailing events around the world. Remarkable, unique and highly effective in its aim, the promotion of the event, including all events and sailings, through the live streaming service, leaves all those interested, worldwide, with the most positive impressions.

The organizing committee of the Race is ready, with more experience now, to work even harder for even bigger thrills.

Name:  Famagusta Nautical Club
Postal address: Promachon Eleftherias 1, 4103, Agios Athanasios, Limassol
Phone number: +357 25879767
Fax: 25324057
Social media:
FB: famagusta nautical club AND Regatta of Champions – The ROC
Instagram: famagusta_nautical_club AND fnc_the_roc

Start date/End date: 27 October – 3 November 2024   

Start time/End time:  N.A. yet

Entrance Price/Τicket: -


Limassol / Limassol District, Cyprus
27/10/2024 - 03/11/2024