Rialto Open Air – Flash Art «Man on the Roof»

Can the roof of a theatre be a stage? In a locked-down universe, where live communication is only a faint memory, SRSLYyours & friends invade the Rialto Theatre for a reflection on the performing arts. Combining live theatre, streamed performance and an interactive Manifesto with the audience, the award-winning ensemble makes Theatre the protagonist, revealing its universal values through its physical, conceptual and spiritual capacities. Marios Ioannou enters the theatre with filmmaker Sakari Laurila to explore the fragility, necessity and resilience of theatre and live performance against the backdrop of our mediated digital realities.
Concept/Idea/Production: SRSLYyours
Director/Dramaturge: Achim Wieland
Protagonist/Co-Dramaturge: Marios Ioannou
Filmmaker: Sakari Laurila
Text: SRSLYyours with excerpts from plays and diverse texts
Additionally, 12-15 Performers from Cyprus
In Greek and English, with excerpts in Russian, French, German and other languages. With English subtitles.

Parking Place of SEC (Behind of the Rialto Theatre) 
Andrea Drousioti 19, 3040 Limassol
Phone number: 77777745
Fax No.: 25749663
Website: www.rialto.com.cy

Start date/End date:  4 September 2020

Start time/End time:  20:30-21:30

Entrance Price/Τicket:  €8 / €5



Limassol, Cyprus
Cultural / Theatre