Rialto Open Air – Flash Art «The Chairs»

The film is a cinematographic version of the theatrical play The Chairs by Eugene Ionesco. The Chairs is about an old couple that ends up in the loneliness of an isolated island for the rest of their days. Their lives have been reduced to a sad reconciliation with failed hopes and ambitions, in vain anticipation of eluded happiness. Time passes by painfully as the two characters find ways to “escape” by playing a game of invisible guests, gradually filling up their apartment with empty chairs. The production was implemented with the support of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth.
Production: enacttheatre
Director: enacttheatre in collaboration with À Vendre
Performers: Marina Makri, Elena Kallinikou
Filming/Editing: À Vendre

Parking Place of SEC (Behind of the Rialto Theatre) 
Andrea Drousioti 19, 3040 Limassol
Phone number: 77777745
Fax No.: 25749663
Website: www.rialto.com.cy

Start date/End date:  9 September 2020

Start time/End time:  20:30-21:30

Entrance Price/Τicket:  €8 / €5



Limassol, Cyprus
Cultural / Cinema