Silent Scream

An alternative dance-theater performance by Reflection of Dance & Art.  Through Charis Christodoulou's script, actors, singers and dancers unfold their soul on stage.

Alessandro Liviero is a rising director with an enviable career.  He grows very popular and beloved in the Italian city of Verona.  The yound director spreads his wings and flies through a world filled with lights, passion and love, along with his beautiful co-star. They fall in love and their life seems like a fairy tale.  Fairy tales may lead to dark paths, as well, when  lights go out unexpectedly...

With every ticket purchase, €1 is donated to the Cyprus Association "One Dream, One Wish" which supports cancer-afflicted children.


Rialto Theatre

Andrea Drousioti 19

Platia Iroon

Lemesos 3603, Cyprus

Phone: 7777 7745


Tickets: €13

Wednesday, July 03, 2019, 20:30

Limassol, Cyprus
Sports / Other